Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here's The Story....

Okay so I have always loved to cook. Bake. Make yummy food for friends and family to enjoy. I do this all the time. Whenever requested by my favorite people, or an event comes along that calls for it, or I have a new kitchen gadget that I want to try out, or just whenever the urge strikes really. I really just love to cook and to share my “natural talent for baking” as I have had it called. While I always have my wonderful husband to do this for he sometimes leaves me very little wiggle room if I really want to make something that he’ll enjoy… he has what we will call a limited pallet…. He is soooooooooooooo picky! And on top of this I somehow managed to marry a man who as he puts it is “just not that big on sweets.” This is a phrase that I will never be able to comprehend, if there is a cookies in the house, I know it and I want to eat it, that’s just a given! So while I do enjoy cooking for him, I really love to cook and bake and experiment for other people a little more. I can be just that much more adventurous with things! I mean I can branch all the way out and use crazy ingredients like nuts! (Ha ha, I love you honey!)

So after working at my current day job for about a year and a half and bringing in cookies, cakes, and breads I was convinced that I could easily sell my baked goods. As one email put it “Just open a bakery. Seriously.”

So a friend that I work with has done this before… enjoyed cooking enough to attempt his own business, and he convinced me I could too. With his help and encouragement and that from my whole support system, I did it. I really really did start my very own cookie company. Kurio Cookies.

So while I am giving the back story let me explain the name. While I love to experiment with my baking I of course have a few stand-bys that always get rave reviews. These have ALL been gathered from family and friends over the years. Collected really, like my own little recipe curio cabinet. I know I spelled it wrong, this kind of is two pronged… I have been a notoriously bad speller since I have been old enough to attempt to spell at all. And secondly when it’s spelled this way, it shared my initials! KC~that’s me.

So Kurio Cookies was born. It took immense amounts of help and support from friends, family and my exceedingly supportive and wonderful husband. And after three 12 hour days in the rented kitchen (and countless other headaches I won’t go into because I am looking back on this experience as a whole, as a growing, learning, maturing, and enlightening experience, focusing on the positive) we made it to our booth at the Christmas Bazaar.

Now here I just have to say that while it was fun to be there getting all the great feedback, talking to other local entrepreneurs, and actually selling my cookies, in the end, I am a baker. A salesman I am not.

I do have to say though that when I was able to use my art background with this whole experience I really loved it. I designed the logo, the packaging, the business cards and all that fun stuff which really was the fun stuff! Speaking of the website, it will only remain up until October of this year, so check it out if you’d like. It’s really not that much to see, it is just a simple google template, but I am proud of it anyway.

check out the site www.kuriocookies.com

So by the end of the show, I was looking forward to it being to over! So much that I decided that wasn’t a very good sign for moving forward. So I decided to accept my losses in exchange for the gain in experience and amount that I learned about myself.

But now we finally get to the point of the new blog. The cookie venture came to a close, but that does not make roughly 40 lbs. of cake flour, 35 lbs. of AP flour, 20 lbs. of sugar and 35 lbs. of brown sugar magically disappear!

Side note ~ I also have about 7 rolls of foodsaver bags and no foodsaver if anyone out there would be interested in buying those at a discounted price, they are still unopened and sanitary, I didn’t lick them or anything!

Not to mention yards and yards of blue ribbon, dozens of food safe boxes, and a random selection of canned pumpkin, pecans, and more chocolate chips than I have ever had in my house at one time {not that I am complaining about that one at all!}.

So what to do with all these left over baking products but BAKE?! And Bake I shall!

I plan on posting entries on any and all cooking/baking/general experimentation that takes place from these Kurio leftovers. The plan is to post a few pics of the end product, any particularly fun reactions I may get, who or where I got the recipe, and the recipe itself so you can all give em a try too! I loved selling the cookies, but I love being able to share the process with others more. People who claim the “secret recipe” have always bugged me a little. What, are you afraid I can make it better than you can? Yeah? Well I think that’s great, and if you can make any of my recipes I post on here better, by all means, let me know! Let’s help each other improve, not just be crazy recipe hoarders, where’s the fun in that?

It has been about three months since the last of the boxes of Kurio Cookies were consumed, and plenty baking has already taken place since then so for the first few posts I will be playing catch up, but then I will try and keep up with myself.

While the cookie recipes I was working from were all collected, tested, tried and true from close loved ones, I am totally over that and completely open to any and all recipe suggestions you may have, send them my way! I will give em a try and maybe just maybe they will make an appearance here!


  1. I really like the new direction you have taken Kurio Cooking! I have been on a muffin kick and have made a great oatmeal muffin...but I think it would be even better with a little brown sugar topping? I was also talking to a friend about experimenting with making savory muffins, like cheese/garlic, pesto, sundried tomato...could be interesting. I could definitely see pumpkin pecan muffins! I guess it's my quick fix for breakfast in the morning...

  2. Love the new venture, K! Kurio Cookies was a great idea, but live & learn. Curious to me how much we seem to have in common - we'll have to ask Adam what he thinks.
    I love watching your posts to see what you've been up to and would love to know about the martinis you were making for Mardi Gras - we were stuck in the snow and settled for prosecco as it was in the fridge.
    Keep it going!

  3. Hey Katie!! It's your cuz, Lori.
    I sell (and buy) on etsy.com. It's for all things handmade...including baked!
    I buy alot of baked goodies there, and it's cheap to sell!! Try it out!! Link your blog and sell goodies in your spare time on there. If you need help setting it up, let me know...but I highly recommend it. I'making a killing selling my jewelry there and alot of people are making a ton selling goodies there too. I know I sound like a salesman, sorry bout that. I really do think you should check it out though!!! Let me know!

    Lori (miller) Gardner

  4. One K to another. This is such interesting reading, because I too have been thinking of selling cookies. My avenue is a little different in that I make classic recipes, gingerbread and sugar so far and then decorate to the hilt. So people would be buying the art via the cookie. we have a local farmers market that I could get a table at for like ten bucks a day as often as three times a week if I wanted to. I have still to look into renting a kitchen, and bulk supplies. I've tossed around all kinds of ideas on how I could make my time in the rented kitchen most efficient. if I made and baked the dough there but decorated at home .... Well that is what I'd need to do or I just couldn't do it with kids. Anyhow, I have also thought about the start up cost ect and have been jotting down all these notes. I wish you were local, I'd buy some of your supplies. Kudos to you for just doing it and seeing what you thought of the whole experience. Do`ing stuff large scale often makes it. less enjoyable.

    Candy's Tall red friend from college.